Who we are

Alamba Charitable Trust believes in providing equal opportunity to every children, women, disabled and less-privileged for overall growth and development. We believe it is every individual’s responsibility and not just the governments to offer a helping hand to the less privileged ones. Only when an entire nation works towards bridging the socio-economic gap, can there be a change resulting in the nation’s economic progress. In a vast country like India, where this gap is big, it becomes a necessity that every citizen thinks beyond oneself and family to contribute their time and energy towards a social cause.

Millions of children in our country lack basic necessities of life like food and proper shelter, let alone hygienic living conditions and education. The increasing number of women, lepers, senior citizens, physically and mentally challenged, and autistic people are making streets their homes as they have nowhere to go once shunned by family. If each of us who are blessed with health, education and enough income, support one such less-fortunate, we can bring about the change that we all want to see.