We at Alamba are together with one motive to push and carry everyone together towards all round development, with this motive, we aim at taking care of the specially-abled people and let them have a chance back at getting their normal lives back. The youth and the people who go through the trauma of being different from the normal, puts them in depression, builds up anxiety and creates their lives difficult, our desire is to cut that out and make everyone self-sufficient.

We help and take care of them, and teach them to make the most out of with what they are blessed and prove to everyone, that they are like the rest of them. Alamba is there for you, when they are rejected by everyone else and we try to get into their shoes to feel the pain and trouble they go through, they are neglected and are left to live the way, they are, without the chance to even stand up for themselves.

Future Projects

1) Physiotherapy Centre for person with disability (Polio/Paralysed) – Physical exercise that encourages rapid exchange of oxygen to muscle tissues to make those part, start to function once again, providing the chance to change their lives drastically. Paralytic Polio survivors develop Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS), are suffering by new or increased muscle weakness, fatigue or pain; and all of this can be helped through our Physiotherapy Centre.

2) Care Home for Elderly (Disabled) – Aged care services that can provide support for the elders and the senior ciitzens who needs proper help, but are not helped in the right way, can use our assistance. The help we provide:-

  • Home maintenance & modifications including repairs, garden maintenance & installation of things such as hand-rails & ramps
  • Goods & equipments including items such as walking frame or raised toilet seat
  • Other services to help at home, allied health including occupational therapy

The services we provide are free for the poor and unheard and we charge nominal prices for some of our services,, which are as follow:-

  • For resedential care centre for a youth per month = 3,500/- rupees
  • For training & placement for a youth per month = 3,500/- rupees
  • Physiotherapy for youth per month = 750/- rupees