Our services

Sensitizing for all the specially-abled

We are finding out the possible ways to mark the issues among the youth & the people who are affected with certain disabilities and find an answer for that. Our team & it’s members are working our way through to find out these people from village to village and try to reach the most remote places. Our small step is just a trial, but this makes them happy with our initiative and keeps the lamp of humanity stay lit.

Health Counselling

Members of Alamba Charitable Trust also tries to help all and provide them with health counselling, this is to make them motivated and keep their hopes high to tackle the depression they go through. We are providing these services to find out, how well they are treated or even heard by their accquaintances, a lot of them are left unheard and they sink down in their own worries. Our mission is to remove and eliminate the entire discriminatory behaviour they have to go through.

Nutritious Food & Accomodation

As any other human, who have access to the basics of life, they deserve the same, but the way they are treated is the part which dissapoints us. We wish to provide atleast the basic what they deserve to get, and they are food & shelter. Good food and a shelter to live is not very tough, but the gap between the rich & poor has increased devastatingly. We are working dilligently to make this happen and with the support of good samaritans like you we will reach those heights.

Attitude Counselling

Everyone needs to have a positive outlook in their life, but if they are already depressed and sad with the life they are given, we can help them to make it into much more better. Our counselling for them is aimed to provide them the results which would bring positivity in their life and make their lives better than before. With all of our members, we make them feel, why they are important & how being perfectly normal is not a really great thing to achieve the impossible or to live a happy life. It’s the mindset which helps to make one’s life best in all possible way.


To make them all feel they can be back to their normal lives, after they have been all motivated, we make them learn and develop new soft skills or enhance the ones they may have already making them feel that they are needed and providing their life a purpose. With a little training and well taught soft skills they can easily secure a job for themselves and the most out of their lives.