Our Trustees

Ms. Rita (President) Founder Trustee: Ms Rita is born in Bangalore, she graduated in commerce. She is also physically challenged and faced a lot of problems and challenges throughout her life. She has a strong intention and burden to help people like her. She worked at Samuha, which is an NGO working for the past 6 years at the community-based program; when she worked for Adult literacy program she witnessed the death of young lady with a disability while working at the field at some rural interior part of the village. This made her determined to save the lives of disabled persons and sensitize to serve disabled young ladies. She believes in the parable of Good Samaritan.

Nagesh HV (Secretary) Co –Founder Trustee: Mr Nagesh is born in Paduvarahalli, Mysore District. He is a Business Administration graduate. He got the motivation to serve the society in his childhood, he used to help his aunt and father who started a literacy program for scavengers. While he was working at Samuha he started computer literacy program for youth in the slum at south Bangalore. To support disabled people, he started a small computer service centre. After his parents' death, he has completely dedicated himself to serve disabled people. He feels that Social service is his passion and his definition for “social service is ready to serve from ground level or least level.

Mr.Xaviour Thomas (Director) Co-Founder Trustee: Mr Xaviour Thomas is born and brought up in Alapuzha district, Kerala. He settled in Bangalore with his wife. He has more than 50 years of experience in the field of social service. He worked for the rural development program (government project) in Meghalaya state northeast India. He also served among HIV affected and AIDS people while working as the administrator of Samuha, an NGO in Karnataka. He joined with Rita to make his dream to empower and encourage disabled people. Now he is fully engaged in social service with disabled people.